Saturday, April 28, 2007

ch ch ch changes ...

just last friday i was the general manager of weblogs, inc., an aol company ... and as of this coming monday i'll be the social media officer for babycenter, a j&j company ... hm, guess i should have arranged to have a media massage this weekend but ...

instead, i decided to make my quick change transition with a fun flickr getaway to cape may ... it was a blast. i met up with six other flickr photographers on the beach at cape may. i've 'known' these six flickrites, loosely, for about a year now, and some of them have known each other 'virtually' for more than that but ... this was the first time any of us had ever met up face-to-face and ... it was fantastic!

i started keeping a list of social networking services a couple of years ago and, flickr is my personal fave since photography is one of my passions.

i'm looking forward to working with tina sharkey again, lately of aol and currently the chairman of babycenter ... and, coincidentally, i'll be seeing jason calacanis again next week at a j&j summit. small world(s) ... :)

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